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Training: Spring and Summer 2016 ;

Training: Spring and Summer 2016

SPRING (April / May)

April “Elite Doubles”

1.a Tuesday, April 5th     1.b Wednesday, April 6th
2.a Tuesday, April 12th   2.b Wednesday, April 13th
3.a Tuesday, April 19th   3.b Wednesday, April 20th

*all Sessions 5:00-6:00pm @ the BMO Centre 4plex, Hammonds Plains, NS

Cost: 6 ($240.00), 5 ($210.00), 4 ($176.00), 3 ($138.00), 2 ($96.00), 1 ($50.00)

Registration: Application Only (2003-born or older, high-level Program)

The Elite Doubles are some of the highest intensity Sessions offered by Empire Goaltending. With goalies being in prime condition, having just finished the season, and now preparing for Provincial High Performance Camps as well as Major Bantam / Major Midget / Female Midget AAA Spring ID Camps (although participation in these Camps is not required for participation in the Doubles), the Doubles offer the best opportunity to get ready for an important time of the year.

Doubles training Sessions subject goalies to high speed repetition of advanced skill development drills so we have to restrict admission to those who are able to handle this Program’s unique intensity. These Sessions are not for everybody.

*Register via email: brad@empiregoaltending.com


May “Skill Clinics”

1.Wednesday, May 4th
2.Wednesday, May 11th
3.Wednesday, May 18th
4.Wednesday, May 25th

*all Sessions 5:00-6:00pm @ the BMO Centre 4plex, Hammonds Plains, NS

Cost: 4 ($160.00), 3 ($125.00), 2 ($85.00), 1 ($45.00)

Registration: Open (2006-born and older)

The May Skill Clinics follow the same format as our Fall/Winter (Saturday) Sessions – they focus on mastering the fundamentals through a series of foundation skill development drills. Sound positioning and technical habits are the focal points of the Skill Clinics and provide goalies of all ages/levels the opportunity to become more consistent in their performance.


SUMMER (July / August)


Registration: “Open” (Goaltenders born 2006 and older)

Week-long (M-F) Day Camp: August 15th-19th – BMO Centre (4plex), Hammonds Plains, NS


Group One

8:20-8:40am (Warm-Up)
9:00-10:05am (On-Ice #1)
10:15-10:45am(Off-Ice Conditioning)
11:30-12:35pm (On-Ice #2)
12:50-1:45pm (Classroom / Video)

Group Two

10:15-11:20am (On-Ice #1)
11:30-12:00pm(Off-Ice Conditioning)
12:05-12:25pm (Lunch)
12:45-1:50pm (On-Ice #2)
2:05-3:00pm (Classroom / Video)

This Camp is designed to prepare goaltenders for the upcoming season and provides excellent training in the technical fundamentals of the goaltending position as well as the insight into the tactics used by today’s leading goaltenders when playing the seemingly infinite situations goaltenders encounter when under fire.  Without question, this is THE Training Camp for goalies preparing for the Competitive Tryout Process!

On-ice Sessions are grouped at a (maximum) 3:1 goalie/net ratio to ensure the appropriate quantity and quality of repetitions. Each On-ice Session includes skating & movement stations along with a variety of shooting scenarios (all stations complimenting each other) to give our goaltenders a fresh, balanced, and comprehensive quality to their training. Two On-ice Sessions per day

Off-ice Sessions will include yoga as well as training for strength, stamina, quickness, balance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Two Off-ice Sessions per day

There will also be one classroom session each day, focusing on some of the mental aspects of goaltending, tactical planning, and in-depth video analysis.

Two (2) Groups (goalies will be partnered based on age & experience)

Cost: $500.00

Full payment is due on first day of Camp: August 15th, 2015